Heather Bostetter

I was born in Maryland and have moved to different locations along the east coast. I was in South Florida in 2011 when I learned how to groom. I was taught by two amazing mentors, one of which is my best friend and I have been grooming ever since. Previously, I had worked in retail in pet stores, where I was taught proper pet health and nutrition. I also volunteered and fostered kittens with “Smitten with Kittens” in Miami while at the same time, I volunteered in a spay/neuter and release program. While in Florida I also attended and graduated college at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with a Media and Animation degree.

I moved to Madison, Wisconsin in December 2015 and began working at Rufus DuMonde Pet Salon. The girls here are wonderful people and amazing groomers and they have made me feel very welcome joining their team. At Rufus DuMonde I get to groom a wide variety of breeds. My favorite breeds to groom are Huskies and Malamutes. The girls at the salon have taken to calling me the ‘Husky Lady’. I also love grooming cats and have great knowledge about cat breeds. YES! I do groom cats!

Although I have an art degree, grooming has been a passion throughout my life. Being an artist has alIowed me to bring a special ‘flare’ to my grooms. While I do still have my hand in art, on the side, I get to implement my love of animals by creating paintings of pets.

My life at home includes four cats and four rats. I also use to have a very sweet Alaskan Malamute Husky mix, who sadly passed away in May of 2016. In the past I also use to breed chinchillas.

For my clients:  I want them to be happy and to love their companions’ grooms. There is nothing better than seeing your work of art walk out the door with their heads held high.

Heather Leon

I am a professional pet groomer/stylist with 20 years working experience. I have completed NDGAA testing towards my Master Certification in sporting and non-sporting groups. I have a collaborative spirit, and seek to uplift the experiences of clientele through kindness, compassion and sharing my knowledge and skill. I have participated in grooming competitions through IJA as part of the Wisconsin State grooming team (alternate,) as well as an individual competitor at IJA Pittsburgh and Grooming Expo at Novi.

Caitlyn Reed

I am a Certified Master Groomer through The National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA) and a multi award-winning stylist with 15 years of experience as a professional in the field. I have had the unique experience of working with and rehabilitating wildlife of all imaginable sorts growing up but my passion has always been focused towards our canine companions. I possess an extensive background in animal behavior and take pride in providing compassionate care tailored to the specific needs of my canine clientele. Whether it is grooming to breed standard or getting creative with a custom cut, I love the ability to come into a positive environment every day and practice my craft!