The price for a full-service groom for each breed will vary depending on the length and condition of the coat and the behaviorĀ of the dog. The price listed is the starting price of the groom. (most prices stay within $15)

A Full-Service groom includes a nail trim and file, ear plucking and cleaning, a deep cleaning bath with shampoo and conditioner specific to each dogs coat, a through brushing and combing and of course the hair-cut and style of your choice.

Double Coated breeds can often benefit from a ‘de-shedding’ treatment. add $20

If started young, terriers can be hand-stripped. add $40/hour

American Eskimo $65

Bernese Mt. Dog $75

Bichon Frise $60

Border Collie $65

Border Terrier $55

Cairn Terrier $55

Cockapoo $60


Cat Shave with bath $65

Cat shave-no bath $55

Chow Chow $80

German Shepard $70

Golden Doodle-small $60

Golden Doodle-large $75

Golden Doodle-Giant $80


Golden Retriever $65

Husky $70

Labrador Retriever $45

Newfoundland $100

Old English Sheepdog $85

Pomeranian $60

Poodle, Toy or Miniature $60


Poodle, Standard $75

Portugese Water Dog $75

Shetland Sheep Dog $65

Shih Tzu $60

Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier $65

Miniature Schnauzer $55

Wire Fox Terrier $55